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Stockholders or other interested parties wishing to communicate with Altra’s Board, the non-employee directors, or any individual director may do so by contacting the Lead Director of the Board by mail, addressed to Lead Director, c/o Altra Industrial Motion Corp., 300 Granite Street, Suite 201, Braintree, Massachusetts 02184, United States.

You may submit your concern anonymously or confidentially by postal mail. You may also indicate whether you are a shareholder, customer, supplier, or other interested party.

All communications to the Board will remain unopened and be promptly forwarded to the Lead Director, who shall in turn forward them promptly to the appropriate director(s). Such items that are unrelated to a director’s duties and responsibilities as a Board member may be excluded from this policy by the Lead Director, including, without limitation, solicitations and advertisements; junk mail; product-related communications; job referral materials such as resumes; surveys; and material that is determined to be illegal or otherwise inappropriate. Before being discarded, the director(s) to whom such information is addressed is generally informed that the information has been removed, and that it will be made available to such director(s) upon request.

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